Heavy work in progress, but you can finish the level! Submitted as part of the My First Game Jam Winter 2020.
Blue units are yours, red are the enemies. Objective is to rid the camp past the iced over river of bandits.
The enemy does take their turn, it just isn't animated.
There is also a lack of information regarding health, damage, avoidance, etc I know.
I unfortunately ran out of time before the deadline to add it in. It is mechanically there, it's just not displayed.

Left mouse button to select units
Right mouse button after selecting an owned unit to move them
Space bar to end your turn
WASD / Arrow keys / move mouse to edges of screen to move the camera

Hover mouse over units to see their movement ranges
After selecting a unit, the blue squares are tiles the unit can move to, while red tiles are tiles the unit can attack from

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